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Digitize Your Expertise & Monetize Your Message Online Through 
Relationship-Based Branding
  • Qualified Leads Every Day
  • ​Booked Appointments Every Week
  • New Clients Every Month
Without Being Burned By "Another Marketing Agency" Ever Again.


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Who We Help: EXPERTS
Established Experts Who Have Knowledge, Advice & Expertise That You Want To Market, Sell & Deliver To Your Clients Online.
Hear From Experts Just Like You Who Are Experiencing Transformative Results, And Achieving Greater Income, Influence & Impact Than Ever Before.

"I was about to retire! Instead, we have generated over $300,000 in the last year in ADDITIONAL online revenue & charity donations over and above what I would normally have made. 

Jeremy has been phenomenal to work with, has helped me teach and sell over 35 online lessons, package the recordings into digital products, and now we have an e-commerce store where my books are sold online." 


Owner, Barbara Seagram School of Bridge

"It's game-changing for our business. We went from 2 people to 7 people, in less than a year.

If you are on the fence, JUMP OFF, get in there! don't wait! there is still time to DO digital! The best time to start was 5 years ago, the next best time is right now!"


Owners, Enta Solutions Inc.

Featured In:

Business Consultants & Service Providers

Does this sound like you? You are currently only relying on your network, referrals, in-person events, and perhaps cold-calling for new business. You are looking for a better way to generate quality leads & sales appointments online, but you are just a little overwhelmed with where to start, how to manage everything, and where to start to make it happen.

Coaches & Course Creators 

Does this sound like you? You have expertise through your experiences and client results, and you may already have an online course or program. You would like to explore transition from 1-on-1 clients to 1-many group coaching with a membership community online, while also increasing your lead flow, the investment to work with you, however you just don't have the systems set up for this just yet or know where or how to start.

Teachers, Trainers, Speakers & Authors

Does this sound like you? You are used to teaching in-person classes or in-person training & speaking events. You are interested in transitioning to online teaching & virtual events, but you are not sure how all the technology works, or where to find new students and clients online, let alone where to start and how to start.
"An Interactive Relationship. I knew you cared. The fact that you cared made the difference for me."

Kevan Kjar

President of Arrowhead3 Consulting Inc.
"I have worked with a lot of companies, and the reason why I work with Platinum Lead over the long-term is they get stuff done. Jeremy is strategic and full of practical advice. I would highly recommend Platinum Lead."

Natalie Doyle Oldfield

President of Success Through Trust Inc.
"I met Jeremy about a year ago, and Platinum Lead has changed my life. I couldn’t thank you enough for implementing those 3 or 4 marketing processes into my business, that have organized it in such a way that I never thought would happen. Thank you for the consistent lead flow that you bring me, and the quality of those leads. I will be recommending Jeremy and his team at Platinum Lead to everyone."

Dylan Resnick

President of The Reno Broker Inc.
"Platinum Lead and Tangent Strategies have worked together for over a year. The owner Jeremy Buzanis has, in that time, produced several excellent promotional videos for Tangent … Helped Tangent publish a detailed book on recruiting, hiring and retaining the most talented salespeople and attracted a trove of qualified leads to Tangent Strategies’ growing LinkedIn following. We would not have located a roster of such high quality leads in such a short time without the skills of Jeremy Buzanis and Platinum Lead. Jeremy has become, without question, a trusted and principled marketing partner."

Peter Skakum

President of Tangent Strategies Inc.
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The Relationship-Based Branding™ Playbook
Learn modernized marketing, sales & delivery systems & strategies to grow your business brand through your personal brand online, to attract inbound red-hot leads, sell & deliver your premium programs, services, products and experiences, in a way that scales your revenues and enables you to enjoy your time, while you grow your business online. 
Welcome to Platinum Lead! 

My team and I are here to serve you at the highest level. We care, and we want nothing less than the best to help you produce the results you want in your business, and life.

Relationship-Based Branding, was designed and created by Jeremy Buzanis, as a truly authentic way to do business online. In this digital age, it is more important now, than ever before, to ensure your business growth comes from building meaningful relationships of value with your ideal clients, through your personal brand, vs spammy sales tactics or following the same advice ever 'guru' and 'marketing agency' tries to shove down your throat. 

Aren't you sick of seeing business done this way? Isn't it time to try a new way, a new approach to actually produce real business results, and not fluff? 

Instead, how would you like to generate leads every day, appointments every week and clients every month for your business online? 

This system is for Established Experts who are looking for robust & results-driven marketing, sales & delivery strategies, software, and support that produces the results you desire- so you can get your message to the marketplace - generate leads every day, appointments every week, and new clients every month.

If you are looking for a pure relationship-based approach to marketing, selling & delivering your business value online, then Relationship-Based Branding is designed specifically for you.

Keep reading to find out how...
Our Proprietary Methodology Is Simple
Marketing System
Sales System
Delivery System
When you know how to MARKET to the right ideal clients, SELL your true value and charge premium prices that clients happily pay you for your expertise, and DELIVER your knowledge at scale through personalized digital delivery, you will have all the systems and processes necessary, and in-place, to rapidly grow your expert business and impact clients around the world.

You gain, what we call the Experts Advantage.

All of our strategies, software and support is designed to help you with those three core systems, using cutting-edge proprietary frameworks we created to produce you RESULTS.

Here at Platinum Lead, we believe that building RELATIONSHIPS & RESULTS are all that matters.

We teach, train and educate you and your team (or help you build one if you don't have one), so you don't have to do everything yourself or burned by a "marketing agency" ever again.
Our flagship Done-with-you / Done-for-you Hybrid Consulting Program where we work with you to build a highly profitable online consulting business by marketing, selling & delivering your knowledge online. 

We have built a proven system, track-record & reputation by keeping things simple, fast and direct. Schedule your complimentary 45-Minute Strategy Session to see if we're a good fit to help you grow your business online!
We'll help you set-up and build-out your:

Marketing System

THE GOAL: To generate a consistent stream of high-quality inbound leads for your business pipeline every single day.
  • Ideal Client Clarity
  • Expert Offer Creation & Positioning 
  • Packaging & Branding
  • ​Copywriting & Messaging
  • ​Website Funnel
  • ​Social Media Content
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Email / SMS Automations
  • Operating in obscurity and seen as a commodity like all the other experts in your industry
  • Inconsistent positioning & messaging that turns away your ideal clients
  • No real lead flow & system to predictably provide value the marketplace
  • Operating in omnipresence and become the go-to expert authority & category king/queen in your industry
  • Consistently showing-up and positioning your message to the marketplace that attracts your ideal clients and turns away your nightmare clients.
  • A consistent flow of red-hot leads interested in your value and how to work with you.
We'll help you set-up and build-out your:

Sales System

THE GOAL: To convert your leads into booked sales appointments on your calendar AND enrol premium clients into your high-ticket offers every week.
  • Sales Funnels
  • Sales Closing Teams 
  • Processing Online Payments
  • ​Follow-up & Nurture Process
  • ​Sales Tracking & Optimization
  • Don't have an online sales process to nurture leads and book appointments for you
  • Taking all the sales calls yourself, and overwhelmed with learning sales daily
  • Not following-up and nurture leads, appointments and providing value properly before prospects become clients
  • A robust online sales process that nurtures leads, and books appointments for you
  • A high-ticket sales closer to help you get off the phones, and take your sales calls for you
  • A systematic approach to automate and personalize follow-up and nurture processes to land new clients
We'll help you set-up and build-out your:

Delivery System

THE GOAL: To convert your leads into booked sales appointments on your calendar AND enrol premium clients into your high-ticket offers every week.
  • Value Delivery Model 
  • Client Enrolment / Onboarding Process
  • Membership Site Creation
  • ​Digitized Services, Consulting & Coaching Process
  • ​Reviews, Referrals, Retention, Resign & Reputation Management
  • ​Recurring Revenue Longevity
  • Only serving clients 1-on-1 which limits your ability to serve and deliver value
  • Delivering a commodity service that is hard to differentiate
  • Stuck doing all the fulfillment for clients which takes away your time from serving them at the highest level
  • Serving clients 1-on-1 and 1-many in a virtual capacity that scales digitally, while remaining personalized
  • Delivering a differentiated client experience your clients can't get anywhere else
  • Duplicate yourself and delivering your value in digital assets through a membership site experience




Work with us to market, sell & deliver your expert value online, to generate leads every day, appointments every week, and clients every month from your online business systems, we help you build out over 90-days, 6-months or 12-months.


Looking to digitize your consulting? Want to learn how to set up your business online to serve your clients, in a way that doesn't require in-person 1-on-1 client work.

We will teach, train, and educate you on how to set up your digitized consulting business online, on Kajabi or GoHighLevel.


Our inner circle 1-on-1 client experience, where you get direct 1-on-1 access and support from our Founder & CEO, Jeremy Buzanis. PRE-REQUISITE: You must graduate from our Relationship-Based Branding Mastermind before you are able to join our elite inner circle experience.



Hire us to build your first or next world-class, high-converting funnel website, landing pages & membership sites.


Hire us to create and distribute creative content on your social media channels online.


Hire us to run your paid advertising campaigns for you profitably & predictably online.




Receive your complimentary, 45-Minute Strategy Session ($1,000+ Value) and you'll learn with an entire Marketing, Sales & Delivery Plan you can implement into your business right away - wether you decide to work with us or not. We will learn more about your business and see if we're a great fit to help you grow your business through our proprietary Relationship-Based Branding Systems, to generate you a predictable and consistent flow of leads, appointments and clients every month.


By the end of this Audit call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results from your marketing, sales & delivery efforts online.

Simply select a day and time that works best for you on my calendar, and myself or an expert advisor on my team will speak with you very soon to learn more about your business and how we can help you grow to the next-level.


  • You want to market yourself & your business properly online to become known & generate more leads than you can ever handle
  • You want to build an online sales system and team to automatically book calls on your calendar with interested leads
  • ​You want to deliver your value through digital assets online so you can replicate yourself in the fulfillment for client work, and move away from 1-on-1 to 1-many work.
Ready To Grow Your Business Online?
We help Experts with consulting, coaching, and service-based businesses grow online though our proven, proprietary and battle-tested Relationship-Based Branding System, to digitally market, sell & deliver your companies value online. Interested in being our next big success case-study?
Thinking of Becoming A Client?
We help Experts with consulting, coaching, and service-based businesses grow online though our proven, proprietary and battle-tested Relationship-Based Branding System, to digitally market, sell & deliver your companies value online. Interested in being our next big success case-study?
If you're serious about becoming a well-paid and highly sought after online expert, coach, consultant or service-business, that impacts people on a global scale, then Platinum Lead is here to help you market, sell & deliver your value online.
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