Generate HIGH-QUALITY Leads & Sales AppointmentS consistently THROUGH LinkedIn...

This simple to follow blueprint reveals the proven Relationship-Based Branding System we use to grow expert businesses online.  Imagine what 26-32 new sales appointments per month could do for your business?
Without relying on referrals, your personal network, phone or email-outreach, or blowing money on paid ads...and even if you hate technology, and don’t have much time for marketing.

Enter the New Era of
Digital Marketing & Client Acquisition Online
With Relationship-Based Branding

Stop focusing your energy and resources on short-term sales, phone or email-outreach, relying just on referrals or your personal network, and blowing money on paid ads that aren't converting.


Leverage a long-term focused approach to actually build meaningful relationships with your ideal clients online, and provide them with value. A way of generating new clients consistently on demand - while standing out as the expert you are, breaking through the noise with your message, and reaching the high-value clients you deserve all through LinkedIn.

9 Projects to rule them all...

The three key areas to optimize for NEXT LEVEL GROWTH ONLINE


Helping you generate a consistent and predictable flow of high-quality leads & sales appointments for your consulting company every month through LinkedIn.

Project #1: Gain Clarity on your Expert Offer (No more commodity products)

Project #2: Build Your Audience on LinkedIn (No more one-off referrals)

Project #3: Develop your Content Strategy (No more bottled up thoughts & expertise)


Helping you build out a robust sales process online, to provide these leads with consistent value throughout their journey with you, where in exchange you receive their contact information.

Project #4: Create your Lead Magnet (No more scrambling to show value)

Project #5: Build your Sales Funnels (No more sole websites)

Project #6: Manage & Automate your Customer-Relationship-Management Software (No more excel tracking, and missed opportunities)


Helping you manage and nurture lifetime value with your ideal clients, through constant follow-up and personalized automation to ensure no leads of yours fall through the cracks and that you have endless opportunities coming your way.

Project #7: Leverage Automation Workflows (No more manual moving lead information around)

Project #8: Develop your Campaign Strategy (No more wasted ad spend & non-converting advertisements) 

Project #9: Transform Your Delivery Online (No more wasted time & 100K on delivering online training)
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